Systemite provides the first high performance platform for systems development — enabling integration of design processes for complex computer-based systems.

Graph: limit of methodology

The problem: "An increase in software complexity by a factor 2 increases the effort by a factor 8 – Hansen Report"

Conceptual solution: To be able to successfully develop the systems of tomorrow and maintain development information of high complexity we need to switch from the old "document based" methodology with documents as information carriers to a "component based" methodology where the actual system building blocks or components act as information carriers. Systemite provides that solution – we call it SystemWeaver.

News & Events

  • 2017-09-20 New CEO at Systemite Systemite has had a tremendous success during the last few years, with a number of new customers and projects, along with development of new offerings to the market. Our organization now needs to step up to meet new operational challenges, and has decided to bring in a new CEO to Systemite. We have been searching for suitable candidates for this important position, and finally decided on Åsa Pahne.
  • 2016-12-21 Systemite Hiring Application Engineers (in Swedish) Applikationsingenjör Göteborg Vill du vara med och påverka hur fordonsindustrin utvecklar framtidens självkörande fordon?
  • 2015-04-17 SystemWeaver site launched We have launched a dedicated site for our SystemWeaver product, at You can find information about many of the SystemWeaver applications at the site. We are still adding content, so keep coming back for more information and videos! Claes Anderson CBO