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Scaling up business

We are currently scaling up our organization to meet the market demand, which is not easy in the current situation with high demand for skilled people.

During the year we have been happy to bring in the following to the team: Sandra, Peter, Martin, Nigsti (master thesis), Mihai, Peter (II) and Rikard. Despite the steep learning curve for a complex product like SystemWeaver the new additions have brought success to several projects.

More than 1000 end user licenses

Joachim Fritzson, Business Development Manager reports that during 2010 the number of active SystemWeaver licenses exceeded 1000, and that the number grows at an increasing rate. Including also third party licenses the number is several thousands. (number of licenses does not include use in research projects etc)

Systemite wins Requirement Management contract

A major truck manufacturer has decided to replace their current dedicated Requirements Management solution for software development with a solution based on SystemWeaver. The solution supports RIF (Requirements Interchange Format) and other process integration techniques.

Claes Anderson, President of Systemite says:

Recruitment Campaign Fall/Winter 2010

Systemite has received a number of international contracts and has launched a recruitment campaign in commercial radio in West Sweden, in order to attract Process and Architecture Analysts, Application Engineers and Software Developers. Read more on Career.

Systemite AB opens an office in Eskilstuna Sweden

Systemite has opened an office at Rosenbergsgatan 30 B in Eskilstuna Sweden. The new office will provide improved service to customers in the Mälardalen region, including major Swedish industrial cities like Västerås, Eskilstuna and Stockholm.

Systemite participates in the MAENAD project

Systemite AB participates in the MAENAD project which addresses the challenges in the development of Full Electric Vehicles. Systemite contributes with experience in tool support for development of complex systems, implementation of the EAST-ADL in SystemWeaver, and model integrated safety analysis. The project started in September 2010 and will continue for three years. More information can be found at

Systemite releases SystemWeaver Version 3.0

Seminar in Stuttgart

Systemite hosts a Workshop i Böblingen with a number of important topics like Introduction to Development Data Management and Collaborative Environments, Integration of AUTOSAR and High Level Description Formats and Life-Cycle Management of Simulink Models. 100% of the attendees thought the workshop “provided valuable information”, with comments like “very informative!”, “great context info”, “Good introduction”, “Relevant topict for [company] work”, “very well organized”.

Systemite announces SystemWeaver Version 3.0

The third generation of the SystemWeaver® Collaborative Environment client applications represents a major leap forward with increased productivity, more intuitive GUI, and a more effective way of integrating customer specific views and applications. The new release, planned for October 2009, will have a GUI based on the Microsoft® Office 2007 ribbon controls, offering a familiar look-and-feel of modern editors and web browsers. One of the major news in 3.0 is the extended support for project management, which is interlinked with system model views and issue management.

Paper presented at NordPLM'09

A paper titled "A PLM Approach for the Development of Automotive Electrinic Systems" is presented at the 2nd Nordic Conference on Product Lifecycle Management, NordPLM'09. The paper written by Jan Söderberg, Systemite and Martin Rohdin, Volvo IT, was presented by Martin Rohdin.