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New Plug-in option for SystemWeaver clients

The standard SystemWeaver client - the swExplorer - now has support for .NET plug-in views. The new option supports seamless integration of custom views and attribute editors with full access to the client's data. Plug-in views can react to changes in data like native views, offering the unique collaborative experience of SystemWeaver also to third party components. The plug-in support is based on the new SystemWeaver C# API offering first rate performance.

Summary of 2011

Business has been great as we have more than doubled our turnover, and made our first Technology License deal. We have become Preferred Supplier to one of the biggest companies in Sweden, and finalized a number of successful projects.

From the technical side there was a number of news. We have now support for 64 bit addressing in our server solutions. We have implemented our API in C# and introduced support for plug-ins. And we have rolled out our latest client generation to all of our customers, including new solutions for parameter management and requirements management.

Systemite licenses SystemWeaver® platform technology to dSPACE.

Göteborg, November 2, 2011: dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn has acquired a technology license from Systemite on the SystemWeaver® data management and collaboration platform technology.

The use of SystemWeaver® technology will enable dSPACE to offer embedded systems developers a solution for managing the vast volumes of data and models, as well as their dependencies, versions and variants throughout the entire E/E development cycle and across global teams.

New postal adress for Head Office

The postal address has been changed since our previous post office has now been shut down. All mail to Systemite should now be addressed to the new address, which is also our visitor adress: Fürstenbergsgatan 4, SE-416 64 Göteborg (or Gothenburg), Sweden

Launch of 64 bit version of SystemWeaver servers

Systemite launches a 64 bit version of the SystemWeaver server solution. The solution will be valuable to customers and projects with large SystemWeaver databases.

The standard 32 bit version supports data sets up to 4 Gigabyte. Due to the highly efficient data models and data compression used in SystemWeaver 4 GB corresponds to approximately 1.500.000 person hours in typical electrical/electronics development projects. The standard 32 bit solution will therefore still be a suitable solution to smaller organizations.

Jan Söderberg, CTO Systemite

See us at the VDI Elektronik October 12th – 13th, 2011 in Baden-Baden

Systemite will have an exhibition stand at the VDI Electronic, October 12th to 13th 2011 in Baden-Baden, Germany.
Meet with us to discuss solutions for development of E/E systems, Process integration, Life-cycle management of embedded software, OEM - supplier collaboration, ISO 26262 and more. We will have experienced experts available to answer your questions.

Joachim Fritzson, CBDO Systemite

Systemite wins calibration and configuration parameter management contract

A leading European car manufacturer has sourced a calibration and configuration parameter management system from Systemite. The solution will be used for high integrity development of active safety systems. A key aspect of the solution is tight integration with the E/E systems development process including supplier integration, formalized data management, and support for product line engineering.

C# version of the SystemWeaver API

Systemite launches a C# version of the SystemWeaver API. As before the API is available also for Delphi and COM.
The new option offers a significant performance improvement compared to the COM version, is a full implementation of the SystemWeaver API including also event management.
The C# API is offered as part of the SystemWeaver API license, and will be available to customers in Q4.

Recruitment Campaign Fall 2011

The 2010/2011 has been an exceptionally successful period for Systemite. We have many new customers and exiting projects, and are looking for Process and Architecture Analysts, Application Engineers and System/Software Developers to our sites in Göteborg and Mälardalen. The recruitment campaign includes press, web and commercial radio advertisements in West Sweden (Göteborg) and Mälardalen (including Eskilstuna, Västerås and Stockholm) in order to attract experienced and newly qualified talents.

Read more on Career.

Systemite Summer Boot Camp 2011

This summer Systemite arranges an introductory training in Android development for young (future) programmers. See for details.Note: the training will be held in Swedish only.
Aug 9th 2011: The training class is now complete.