Summary of 2014

Our footprint in the automotive industry has continued with new customers during 2014, while we have also extended into new fields, like the nuclear and mobile machinery industries.

We have seen a great interest from AUTOSAR projects, where the modeling, configuration management and collaborative capabilities of SystemWeaver can accelerate the progress and efficiency of such projects usually hampered by manual XML file manipulation.

We started participation in new research projects, the European EMC2 and the national Swedish Heavy Road, along with the ongoing CRYSTAL and Synligare.

We have defined a range of solution suites and modules that will be available during 2015 as off-the-shelf solutions ready to be deployed at new customers.

One such solution is a generic Product Line Architecture suite supporting variability of features, component architectures, requirements and parametrization, including automatic ad hoc diagramming and visualization.

To meet demands of our product development and customer projects we have hired three new talents to our teams.

Mikael Strömberg, CEO