Systemite SystemWeaver® Platform Technology in use at National Electrical Vehicle Sweden AB

Göteborg, May 14, 2014: National Electrical Vehicle Sweden AB has become a new customer to work with Systemite around the SystemWeaver® data management and collaboration platform technology. The use of SystemWeaver® technology will enable NEVS to develop systems solution and manage the vast volumes of data and models, as well as their dependencies, versions and variants throughout the entire E/E development cycle and across global teams.

“Obviously we are very proud that National Electrical Vehicle Sweden has chosen to use SystemWeaver® as their data backbone, moving the next generation of vehicles in to the E/E space. We see this as recognition of the SystemWeaver® platform being state-of-the-art within the domain of programmable, fine grained engineering data management” says Claes Anderson, Chief Business Officer at Systemite.

Thomas Bark (IT Manager Product Development) says in a comment: “Systemite has proven to be a very reliable supplier of this kind of technology and we believe that we have established a good partnership for our future growth plans.”

The SystemWeaver® platform has been developed during more than 10 years, during which Systemite´s customers have experienced the versatility and performance of the platform in full scale embedded systems development projects. Systemite, now broadening the customer base, expect to have significant growth in the Automotive E/E space in the upcoming years, due to the rapidly increasing complexity.

Background SystemWeaver

SystemWeaver can be used as a plug-in replacement for traditional file based data stores, offering real-time collaboration, versioning and life-cycle management, traceability and data management that is not possible using the traditional file based approach. This way, traditional isolated tools can become parts of an integrated enterprise environment offering integration of tools and processes. The versatility of SystemWeaver means that it can be used in such various roles as Requirements Engineering, Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis and Design, Test & verification, Management of Simulation models, GUI design models just to mention a few.