Summary of 2013

2013 has been another year of steady growth, with a number of new customers. As part of this expansion we opened an office in Täby, Stockholm.
And as usual we have to balance between growth, product development and profitability.

A new trend is the increasing interest in the SystemWeaver .NET API, with a number of API classes for SystemWeaver customers and 3rd party application developers.

Our Simulink ® integration, now in its third generation, has been involved in a number of research and industrialization projects.

We hired a number of new talents, including our new QA Axel, and two experts and Ph.D.'s, Ali and Hyun.

Two new large research projects with Systemite participation were started, the European CRYSTAL, and the Swedish SYNLIGARE.

Mikael Strömberg, CEO

Simulink is a trademark of The Mathworks Inc.