Summary of 2011

Business has been great as we have more than doubled our turnover, and made our first Technology License deal. We have become Preferred Supplier to one of the biggest companies in Sweden, and finalized a number of successful projects.

From the technical side there was a number of news. We have now support for 64 bit addressing in our server solutions. We have implemented our API in C# and introduced support for plug-ins. And we have rolled out our latest client generation to all of our customers, including new solutions for parameter management and requirements management.

Our organization has also been scaled up. We all know how difficult it is to attract top talents today, with the current high demand in the industry. We have still managed to hire top talent individuals, and Abhinaya, Nigsti, Mihai, Martin and Peter have already contributed greatly to the success of 2011, along with the seasoned veterans of Systemite.

I should hope that 2012 will be a year of consolidation, but I may be wrong, as we will double our office space and new business opportunities keep coming in.

Mikael Strömberg, CEO