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2016 SystemWeaver User Conference and pre-vacation summer party

The 2016 SystemWeaver User Conference will take place at Systemite's Göteborg office on Wednesday 2016-06-22 starting at 15.00. Afterwards you are welcome to join our pre-vacation summer party!

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2015 SystemWeaver User Conference and 15th Year Anniversary

The 2015 SystemWeaver User Conference will take place at Systemite's Göteborg office on Thursday 2015-06-17.

We will also celebrate our 15th year anniversary with a pre vacation summer party!

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SystemWeaver site launched

We have launched a dedicated site for our SystemWeaver product, at

You can find information about many of the SystemWeaver applications at the site.

We are still adding content, so keep coming back for more information and videos!

Claes Anderson


Systemite at the 5th International conference on ISO 26262

Meet us at the 5th International conference on ISO 26262 in Berlin, 23rd to 26th of March!

Systemite becomes a Siemens PLM Solution Partner

Göteborg, January 22, 2015

I am proud to announce that Systemite has become an official Siemens PLM Solution Partner.

Within this partnership we get the opportunity to develop and offer solutions, where the SystemWeaver embedded software and Electric/Electronic development solutions will create synergies with the Teamcenter PLM and cross-domain integration capabilities.

More exciting news on this collaboration to come!

Mikael Strömberg

CEO Systemite AB

Summary of 2014

Our footprint in the automotive industry has continued with new customers during 2014, while we have also extended into new fields, like the nuclear and mobile machinery industries.

We have seen a great interest from AUTOSAR projects, where the modeling, configuration management and collaborative capabilities of SystemWeaver can accelerate the progress and efficiency of such projects usually hampered by manual XML file manipulation.

We started participation in new research projects, the European EMC2 and the national Swedish Heavy Road, along with the ongoing CRYSTAL and Synligare.

Systemite SystemWeaver® Platform Technology in use at National Electrical Vehicle Sweden AB

Göteborg, May 14, 2014: National Electrical Vehicle Sweden AB has become a new customer to work with Systemite around the SystemWeaver® data management and collaboration platform technology. The use of SystemWeaver® technology will enable NEVS to develop systems solution and manage the vast volumes of data and models, as well as their dependencies, versions and variants throughout the entire E/E development cycle and across global teams.

Summary of 2013

2013 has been another year of steady growth, with a number of new customers. As part of this expansion we opened an office in Täby, Stockholm.
And as usual we have to balance between growth, product development and profitability.

A new trend is the increasing interest in the SystemWeaver .NET API, with a number of API classes for SystemWeaver customers and 3rd party application developers.

Our Simulink ® integration, now in its third generation, has been involved in a number of research and industrialization projects.

2014 SystemWeaver User Conference

The 2014 SystemWeaver User Conference will take place at Systemite's Göeborg office on Thursday 2014-03-27.

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