A SystemWeaver® introduction project is divided into four (4) phases

Phase I: Process and Architecture analysis

In this phase the development process at the customer is analysed to find how the SystemWeaver Shuttle tool-set shall be adapted to support the process. If needed a methodology is developed to match the process.

Phase II: SystemWeaver adaptation

In this phase the SystemWeaver Shuttle tool-set is adapted according to the result of Phase I.

Phase III: Launch

In this phase the SystemWeaver is introduced in the customer organisation. This means education of engineers to work with the concept and shuttle tool-set. In also includes general support to the organisation when using the concept in the development process. Migration from document based systems information to the SystemWeaver model can also be done at this phase.

Phase IV: Use in project

In this phase Systemite consultant engineers use the tool in system design in specific customer development programs in close cooperation with customer engineers. The purpose of this is to, (1) do systems engineering, (2) support customer engineers in using the concept and (3) define continued improvement of the SystemWeaver Shuttle tool-set.