The SystemWeaver® Concepts

SystemWeaver conforms to the ideas of Model Based Development where the actual system building blocks or components act as information carriers.

The basis of the concept is the assumption that it is better to let the system structure control the information structure rather than the other way. This means that the "system building blocks", or components, acts as placeholders for related systems information such as requirements, configuration, status etc.

The SystemWeaver concept includes a powerful system data model suitable for computerized tool support.

In short the system data model describes:

  • Components (both logical and physical)
  • Interaction between components
  • Versions and variants of components
  • Requirements on components
  • Structures of components
  • Inheritance/relations between components
  • Status of components: approval, certification, standardisation
  • Access to components

Note: the word component is used as a descriptor of a "system building block" that can be both hardware and software

The whole concept can be described as a loom used for weaving "information fabrics". Each piece of information has its place in the overall information in describing the system. The system can be seen as a "weave" consisting of many correlated information "threads", where SystemWeaver acts as the loom. The loom holds the weave as shuttles add weft thread after weft thread to define and create the system...