Benefits of using SystemWeaver®

Using SystemWeaver provides several benefits to a development organization:

  • Product quality – With access to the whole systems design SystemWeaver allows automatically performed schedulability analysis and consistency checks, tightly integrated requirements management in the product development process and integration of formal test planning which can answer wether all requirements are tested and possible to verify. It is also possible to reuse functions between projects in a systematic way and view the systems dependencies from different perspectives.
  • Organization efficiency – The component-based approach allow the design organization to reuse components on different levels which makes every design process more efficient. The amount of redundant information that is present in documents are reduced to a minimum as every component only is described one time. For instance separate graphics are not needed as it is generated from the design model.
  • Maintainability – The understanding of the different components functionality can increase which improves the service level to the after market organization.
  • Configuration Management – As the system model allows views from different angles the system can be defined as a result of functional configuration. That is, e.g. requirements or functions from different markets can contribute directly to the systems design.
  • Rationalization – Every component and its associated information is only entered one time in the database. This avoid multiple work which else is created by need for multiple documents and lack of overview. Any documentation needed to describe different parts of a system can directly be generated from the system model instead of wasting engineering time on gathering information manuallyin documents.
  • Project management / risk management – SystemWeaver support an effective project monitoring by which it is possible to check the status on all design processes. It is not only possible to track the status of a component but also to what level requirements are fulfilled.
  • The "global component space" in combination with high performance distribution and access improves cooperative work between different geographic and/or organisational locations.