Company Profile

Systemite provides the first high performance open platform for component-based systems development within the area of computer based systems. The platform, named SystemWeaver enables engineering organizations to integrate their design processes using one enterprise-wide data repository that assembles design information of each component such as internal structure, interfaces, variants, versions, requirements, status etc. The platform contributes to higher product quality and possibilities to rationalize the design process, as well as improved information maintainance and better project management.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Systemite has obtained an important position in the automotive industry. Other target industries are telecom and military systems.

With an extensive expertise within the area of development of computer-based systems Systemite uses its know-how to create customized solutions based on the SystemWeaver platform. With a philosophy that the systems should adapt to the engineer rather than the other way around Systemite also support organizations in adapting to an integrated design process by providing consultant services within systems engineering.

Systemite is privately held with the management as the largest shareholders. Activities are currently run in Scandinavia and in the EU.