Company Background

Systemite was founded year 2000 by Claes Anderson, Mikael Strömberg and Jan Söderberg. The company was formed around the idea of SystemWeaver, the solution for integrated systems engineering which was originally developed by the founders within the GM sphere.

The first implementations of the concept were made within the automotive industry. The industry’s immense transformation towards software-based systems as an increasing part of the total design has lead to very complex systems, with potential implications on both product quality and development efficiency.

Systemites founders foresaw that the industry was heading towards a dead-end by investing in traditional and mainly document based requiremets management (RM), configuration management (CM), product data management (PDM) systems etc. since these usually meant costly and bulky solutions to only part of the problem.

The development of SystemWeaver is the solution that instead of focusing on documents for information storage use a database to store a model of the system and use the model elements or "system building blocks" as carriers for relevant system information.

As the potential use of SystemWeaver was large also outside the automotive industry it was decided to spin out the concept to a new legal entity - Systemite.

In 2001 the IT consultant Ergodata AB became part owner besides the founding managers. Ergodata has contributed with important expertise and resources in the development of the SystemWeaver product. In 2011 Ergodata sold back all its shares to Systemite AB.

In the autumn of 2000 Systemite launched the first release of SystemWeaver that shortly after was successfullly used in a customer implementation.